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Internet Nebraska:
Lincoln: 402-434-8680
Toll Free: 800-GET-INET (800-438-4638)

Universal Service Fund E-Rate Participant

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Before you sign up for DSL, please make sure DSL is available where you live.

First Name:
Last Name:
Organization (if any):
Fax Number:
Please enter the number on which you would like to have the DSL service installed. This will usually be your voice phone number, especially if you plan to cancel your second phone line when you get your DSL service. Remember that you can use your DSL connection and talk on the phone at the same time on the same phone line. Please ensure that this is the correct line. If you live in a newer development in Lincoln, you may have Fiber line services. If so, please select "Fiber" below.
DSL Number:
DSL Number Type: Residential
DSL Number Line Type: Traditional Copper
Please enter a current phone number and e-mail address so that we can reach you regarding the status of your DSL connection.
Contact Number:
E-Mail Address:
If you are a current Internet Nebraska customer, and you wish to change your current account to an DSL access account, please enter your current username here. Your account will not be switched until after your DSL connection is running. If you would like to keep your current dial-in account in addition to this new DSL connection, please choose another username.

If you are not a current Internet Nebraska customer, please choose a username..

Please choose your DSL plan. See our Pricing Info for details.
DSL Plan:
(* Includes $5/mo discount for 12-month service agreement)
DSL Equipment:
(** Free local pickup in Lincoln, tax not included)
(*** Plus $15 shipping, tax not included)
Value Added Package:
Spam and Virus Filtering:
Where did you hear about Internet Nebraska DSL?
A 12-month service agreement is required for the discounted monthly rate.
Term Length: Month to Month
12-month Agreement
Internet Nebraska also offers an optional on-site installation of DSL for $60 per hour. Most DSL installs take about an hour. This price does not include additional equipment such as routers or network cards. Network cards are available from most computer stores for around $20 each, and routers can usually be found for around $50.

If you choose to have the optional on-site installation, a representative will contact you to determine your needs and arrange for installation. On-site installation is currently available in Lincoln only.

Optional on-site installation? Yes    No
Additional Notes:

By choosing "Order," I authorize Internet Nebraska to place an order in my name to Windstream to add DSL service to my existing phone line, with the data end of the DSL connection coming to Internet Nebraska. By choosing "Order," I agree to pay Internet Nebraska for the Internet access charges chosen above and shown on the pricing schedule.

I also agree that I have read and will adhere to Internet Nebraska's Terms and Conditions.